Best Time to invest in Start-ups?

Startup investing is not easy. This can be one of the most stressful prospects due to the failure rate of startups. But as we have been seeing, the new company has not only grown in a few years. But it has emerged as a unicorn startup.

Which of these is the better method to use when investing in start-ups?

Startups can be a business creating a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty, or a company aiming to solve a problem and those small company that has no success guaranteed.
wealth and good connections are very important to invest in them. However, this is no longer the case, and the average investor can easily make a profit by investing in a startup using crowdfunding sites.

Startup investing can potentially sound easy and profitable, but it is important to understand that it can come with huge risks and pitfalls. Most startups fail. Here’s what you need to know to start investing in startups.

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Roadmap of Investing in Startup

Common people can easily invest in startups through crowdfunding sites, but there are some conditions such as investment of at least 500 to 5000 dollars. Startup investment platforms offer a curated selection of companies and have varying minimum buy-in requirements.

Now you can use and track multiple startups on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Use Google My Business

If you see any startup company on Instagram or LinkedIn and if their page has enough followers. You can search those pages on google and see if it’s registered on google my business and it should be verified by google. And after this, you can now search about their potential revenue.

You also used Ahref, SemRush about their online traffic. because after Covid-19. Almost 90% of small company has started listing products online.

What we have to check about startup if you want to invest directly to the startup’s company or want to buy partnership. firstly see how much traffic they have organically.

If they have enough traffic it means this company working very hard to rank on google it means it can be a leading company just like Hammer lifestyle ( you know that hammer is earphone making company that grew their business in just 3 years by 800X.)

Invest Dubt: So it means you can offer those company funding and make a good a good proposal like, you can give him some amount on interest and this company pay you your amount with interest by annual basic.

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Second Option You can invest as Convertable Fund: It is a type of contract debt that is converted into stock when the startup aims to increase certain goals, such as obtaining a new round of financing. You earn money from your investment when the company is acquired by another firm or eventually goes public.

Buy Shares Of Stock: You can buy shares of a public company. Note that you cannot sell your shares in the starting stock. To make money, you must hold your shares until the startup goes public or is acquired by another company.

Advantages and disadvantages of investing in startups.

Advantage of Investing in startups.

A startup can explode at any moment by a miracle. In the case of a start-up, the ROI can be huge for investors and founders. Compared to publicly traded companies, investors may find higher profits along the direction of the venture’s journey, depending on the percentage of ownership.

Depending on the jurisdiction of the startup operations. Investors may receive some tax benefits for the amount you invest in an early-stage startup.

Disadvantage of Investing in Startsup.

There is a large amount of risk, especially in early-stage interventions. Lack of liquidity for your investments. You won’t be able to sell your starting stock for the most part. The investment portfolio may be less diversified.

It is not easy to be constantly informed of investment opportunities in various ventures. It is also difficult to be aware of opportunities to invest in certain ventures. Timely research and think before investing in a particular venture compared to investing in stocks.

Before investing in a startup, talking to your financial planner is as important as getting information about a new company before investing in it.

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