Facebook now called Metaverse!

Facebook nowadays held a stay match to discuss the “metaverse,” aka the digital and augmented actuality evolution of social technological know-how in the future, and a section of the presentation, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced a new identity for the company.

Facebook meta
In the future, Facebook will be recognized as a “meta”. While Facebook will still be available as a product of social media as well as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Zuckerberg said the creators of Facebook are very excited to clarify what the organization wants to do in the future. The new theme and creator will exemplify the emerging work of Facebook in its apps and more realistic and digital products. The title “reflects who we are.

And we hope to create it, ”said Zuckerberg. In time, I hope we will see it as a metaverse company. “From now on, we will deal with problems first, we will not be on Facebook first,” Zuckerberg said.”

From now on, we’re going to be metaverse first, no longer Facebook first,” stated Zuckerberg. “I hope that humans come to be aware of the Meta manufacturer and the future that we stand for.

Why Facebook wants to rename itself ‘Metaverse’ and how it will work?

Zuckerberg has grown to promote the idea of ​​Facebook, which has invested heavily in augmented and virtual reality, as a “metaverse” company instead of a social media platform.

The CEO said during a live broadcast event on Facebook Connect. Provided examples of privacy and security controls. It may be needed in an emergency. Like the ability to block someone from showing up in your area. Zuckerberg is betting that the Metaverse will be the next major computing platform, which he calls a “mobile Internet follower.”

Bad articles, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, show internal research and staff discussions on the effects of Instagram on teen mental health and how Facebook creates divisions, as well as its handling of work during the Jan Capitol violence. 6 and the inconsistency of content for users worldwide.

Why is Facebook doing this?

This amazing effort at least temporarily disrupts Facebook’s endless series of vicious pressures. The social media giant has been criticized for years and years. To encourage the spread of misinformation and vague policies on user data. Things have gotten worse in recent months. After an interviewer revealed several company secrets.

At the same time, social media is not popular with younger users. Many instead flocked to the Chinese video app owned by TikTok. Facebook makes money by selling targeted ads to advertisers. But if user numbers decline, advertising revenue will also decrease.

By re-branding itself as a new

the promising company, Facebook may be hoping to surpass the first generation of social media companies – and its bad reputation. Supporters of his case are working to make the actual transcript of the statement available online. But by making a strong push for it, Facebook can try to position itself as a leader in space.

In fact, interactive online games like Roblox and Minecraft and the developer of Epic Games have already existed and thrived for a long time as metaverse predecessors.

But Facebook has already acquired the real device maker Oculus in 2014, and recently said it plans to invest a few billion dollars a year in its metaverse system going forward, building on its repository of real and unpopular services for taxpayers we see and tools. It also plans to roll out Facebook Reality Labs (FRL), the business unit that manages the area, into its own separate unit from the fourth quarter of this year.

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