Getting Traffic But No Sale? E-commerce Curated

Google and Facebook Excessive advertising can increase your brand presence and also customer love to Shopping via social media this is the right way to growing presence Curated e-commerce. but ignore to show false ads and misleading ads.

An in-depth understanding of the consumer shopping journey from purchase to buy The basis for the success of e-retail for advanced digital brands. In addition to cross-category shopping habits, We need to focus on the electronics category to better understand consumer buying behaviour.

Brands should investigate this behaviour and make a big decision for their market presence. Online shopping across categories.

How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business Curated?

Visitor’s Behaviour:

An e-retail visitor spends less than 10 minutes per visit in one place. Consumers browse an average of 10 product pages and more than 15 product pages on cell phones before adding them to their cart. Brands and retailers have limited time to tell their stories and leave a vision in the minds of consumers.

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Photos are important

1 in 2 visitors browses galleries, only 1 read the product descriptions. Voice and local language are no longer a niche: 1 in 10 forum users accept voice search and 1 in 3 new e-retail users visit it using the forum interface. Voice and local calls will be a common thread.

Search pattern changes:

Search patterns and practices vary by product. When buying cell phones and televisions, consumers are primarily looking for brand names; however, see laptops and heavy equipment (air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines). but if you have other product then electronic. You have a chance to become a new brand.

Influencers have a growing presence as a brand:

About 40% of online consumers have at least one Shopping via social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) by 2021. Content creators and promoters will play a very important role in the world of the future.


Digital payments are on the rise: Digital payments and credit usage are very fast, but the purchase of money was almost 45% to 50% of the value of e-retail gross goods even during an epidemic. Cash on delivery is the playing a very powerful role to build trust between the brand and customer.

Every one know about ads:

Ads and pop-ups It is good to remind the visitor of free registration. The excellent presentation offers to increase the chances of converting a new visitor into a customer.

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Your presence should be invisible.

On Google, Instagram, Facebook, and other popular Social media platform. Otherwise, the visitor’s attention is distracted from the purchase and there is a risk of losing customers.

It’s not just about criminals. Excessive advertising/ force advertising also has a devastating effect on conversions. If the customer decides to pay, let him do so. without ads. Popup should be removed automatically within 5 seconds.

Make curated offers:You have to Make curated offers for every customer. every customer means new and existing customers. we have to offer curated deals and offers to the customer on every festival and national day. on every new offer and deal should be announced on social media platforms.

Pixel Curated Data:

We would like to tell you according to our Google and Facebook Ads that if you want to start Ads now, then you should choose Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad area, this is the most active area for non-electronic products. Here you can select the age limit from 15 to 60. We informed you about curated business.

From here you will definitely get about 2.5X growth, this is being told to you according to our data collected till December 2021. List Coupon and deal on Coupon Discount Website

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