Importance of Google Keyword Planner and Google Ads Benefit

In this article, we’ll look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Google Planner as a keyword research tool. In addition, we’ll take a look at how free it is, and how to avoid the problems that often plague free keyword research tools. Let’s start with the advantages and limitations of free keyword planners. The most compelling advantage of free keyword planners is their convenience. However, they also come with certain limitations.

Keyword research tool

Using Google’s Keyword Planner can help you find high-volume keywords for your website. By using Google’s Keyword Planner, you can select highly relevant keywords to use for a Google Ads campaign or for SEO purposes. You can even use this tool to find related searches. Google provides a video guide for beginners so that they can use it effectively. Here’s how to use Google’s Keyword Planner:

The most important filter for keyword research is the estimated CPC (cost per click). This figure is supposed to reflect the cost of a Google ad. However, it doesn’t reflect the earning potential of ranking The CPC will provide an idea of the average cost per click and impressions of a keyword. Nevertheless, it is an excellent tool to help you determine which keywords are worth pursuing.

Free Keyword Planner

Important of google keyword planner

Many SEO specialists and internet marketers use Google planners for their campaigns. But there are some advantages and disadvantages of using Google planner to improve the performance of your campaigns. Despite its popularity, the tool has several limitations. For example, if you are not running an advertising campaign, you cannot create campaigns using the tool. However, if you are running one, you can create multiple campaigns using the same tool. To do so, you must register for a Google AdWords account.

Improve brand recognition

Google AdWords is, aside from driving the number of traffic clicks in addition to conversions it is also a great method to inform people about your business.

Get more customers to sign up through Mail id

The most popular marketing technique used in all businesses is email marketing. Typically, Gmail ads appear on the tabs for promotion, but occasionally, you will see them on the social tab , too. The ads are available on mobiles and desktops. Because Gmail ads are generally lower than search ads, even if you’re on a tight budget, you may test Gmail ads, too.

Engage with the visitors to your site

One of the greatest advantages that comes with Google AdWords is reconnecting with your site’s users. Let me elaborate. You may have visitors on your site. They have visited every page on your site, but haven’t made any decisions. What can you do to bring them back to you and what can you offer them? Enter Display Remarketing and RLSA campaigns.

Check your performance and optimize

It’s very difficult to determine the results of traditional advertisements such as newspapers broadcast television, radio cable television, outdoor billboards, brochures and so on. They are also more costly in comparison to Google AdWords.

You aren’t in control of your budget and expenditure. Furthermore, you won’t be able to determine the source of leads that come from these channels unless your client chooses to reveal it. Therefore, it’s very difficult to estimate the return on investment from traditional media.

Take on your competition more effectively

When someone searches for information that is related to your service or product online, but you’re not advertising while your competitors are this could spell trouble for you. Your business will be lost almost immediately. You must be aware of these accounts to know the way they promote their company, the types of ads they’re running and so on.

The transparency that is Google AdWords helps you do this. Make the most of opportunities that arise and help you distinguish yourself from the rest of your competitors.

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