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If you’re an individual who wants to make it big as an influencer, then you should tap into the enormous potential of social media. However, you will need to start from scratch on social media and therefore improve your skills.

5 ways to increase your Instagram reach today

So how can you increase your organic access to Instagram? Here are the 10 powerful ways you can do that:

  1. Post video instead of Photo
  2. Quality is better than quantity!
  3. Post Instagram Stories
  4. Go live on Instagram
  5. Find your best time for Posting.

1. Post video instead of Photo

Some research has found that photos tend to get more engaging (likes and comments) than videos on Instagram. At first glance, it might seem that the pictures are better than the videos about perspective and sharing – and they can!

Upon closer inspection, we may come to a different conclusion. News Whip

“Screened the Instagramaccounts of 31 news publishers and found interestingfact. On average, photos get more popularity (and overall engagement) than videos, while videos generate more comments than photos. In fact, the videos received twice as many comments as the pictures!

You have to schedule your post or video on time so your post will get more impressions, more engagement and then your likes and followers definitely will increase. It’s tricks to increase followers on instagram.

2.Quality is better than quantity!

While explaining social media algorithms, Michael Stelzner encouraged marketers to rethink your posting strategy.

“Rethinking is the keyword here. Rethink your social media posting strategy – Less is actually more!”

Sue B. Zimmerman offered similar advice for marketers looking to bypass the Instagram algorithm.

“If you really want to connect with your audience, it’s better to share an amazing photo than 20 mediocre ones. Next time, before you hit the post, take a moment to think about whether this content contributes to your product and whether it effectively promotes the engagement of your fans.

I believe it has to do with the sharing of your resources and time. Instead of publishing 3 posts during the day, use the same resources and time for one post and make it fun and informative it’s the right posting strategy.

Quality content that resonates with your fans has a high chance of getting constructive feedback from your fans. Next, this can help your post be ranked at the top of your fan feed with this posting strategy.

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3.PostInstagram Stories

As I read many blogs and I read as I say when most people create Instagram Stories. There is a good chance to shine before it gets too crowded!

Instagram news has a prominent position in the Instagram app – in addition to the feed. This allows you to stay on top of your fans’ stream and capture their attention. If your followers are watching your News regularly, Instagram can even help your post be placed at the top of their feed.

It is not worthy that the stories are also sorted by algorithm; almost identical to the feed algorithm. Take the time to create the Good News to help with better standards..

4. Go live on Instagram

The same “trick” is to stay on Instagram. If you use live video, you will appear in front of a Stories feed, assuming no one else is live at the same time. The “LIVE” logo makes your profile photo stand out from the Instagram app.

92 followers in 1 day

Social Media Examiner has found that the more they become live on Facebook, the more exposed they become to their live content. Michael Stelzner said another reason could be that their product is in front of their fans more often, so fans can go to their page to see more of their content – even if fans don’t watch the live video.

This effect can also happen on Instagram. Seeing your logo at the top of the feed may encourage your followers to check out your Instagram profile.

The live video is still widely accepted, I believe live videos are not yet the norm. That’s why it’s another great way to increase followers on Instagramand deliver great content!

4.Find your optimal posting times

Even though Instagram now uses an algorithmic timeline, optimal post times are still relevant when most of your audience is online, as Sue B. Zimmerman suggests:

400 followers in 7 days.

It can take time to understand the activity of your followers over a long period of time, but it’s important to make sure you’re posting when most of your audience is online.

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You can check your Instagram information to find out if you’re using an Instagram business profile. When are your followers most active on what day of the week and what time of day. Once you identify your ideal posting times, you can even schedule Instagram posts ahead of time, this helps ensure that you consistently post high-quality content.

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