The Importance of “On the Business” for Sustainable Growth

To survive in today’s competitive market, businesses must focus on sustainable growth strategies. However, many companies focus solely on daily operations and fail to look at the bigger picture. By focusing “on the business,” businesses can identify opportunities for growth and attract new customers, setting the foundation for long-term success. Despite their best efforts to improve their products or services, they often find themselves struggling to stand out from the crowd, attract new customers, and grow their revenue. Learn how sustainable business growth can be achieved with these effective strategies. Discover the benefits of implementing eco-friendly practices, building strong customer relationships, and fostering a positive company culture. Start building a successful and sustainable business today.

While they may invest heavily in improving their website, app, or customer service, they often neglect one critical aspect of their business: focusing “on the business.” In this article, we will explore the importance of this often-overlooked strategy and provide unique insights on how businesses can start doing it to achieve sustainable growth.

Sustainable Growth: “In the business” vs “On the business”

Running a successful business requires a great deal of effort and attention to detail. However, many business owners and managers often find themselves getting caught up in the day-to-day operations of their company, focusing solely on managing employees, responding to customer inquiries, and improving their products or services. While these tasks are essential, they can cause business leaders to neglect the bigger picture. And miss out on opportunities for growth and expansion. This is where the concept of “in the business” vs “on the business” comes into play.

The term “in the business” refers to the day-to-day operations and tasks that need to be done to keep the business running. This includes managing employees, overseeing production, and responding to customer needs. On the other hand, “on the business” refers to the bigger picture of the business, such as developing a growth strategy, identifying new opportunities, and expanding the company’s reach. While both aspects are important, focusing solely on “in the business” can lead to a lack of growth and stagnation.

To achieve sustainable growth, businesses must prioritize “on the business” activities. This includes building a strong brand, investing in digital and PR advertising, and offering sampling programs to potential customers. By doing so, businesses can attract new customers and expand their reach, ultimately leading to long-term success.

The Problem with Focusing Only “In the Business”

Before we dive into the benefits of focusing “on the business,”. Let’s first understand why many businesses tend to focus only “in the business.” This is because it’s easier to focus on the day-to-day operations of the business, such as managing employees, responding to customer inquiries, or improving the product or service.

These tasks are tangible, measurable, and often require immediate attention. However, when businesses only focus “in the business,” they miss out on critical opportunities to grow and expand their reach. They may improve their product or service, but if they don’t reach out to potential customers, it’s all for nothing.

The Importance of Focusing “On the Business”

Focusing “on the business” means taking a step back from the day-to-day operations and looking at the big picture. It means identifying opportunities for growth, expanding the reach of the business name, creating a compelling brand, and attracting customers by reaching them at their doorstep. By focusing “on the business,” businesses can create a sustainable growth strategy that allows them to thrive in the long term.

Here are some unique ways businesses can start doing it:

Build a Strong Brand:

A strong brand is crucial for any business, as it helps customers identify and connect with the business. Businesses should invest in creating a memorable brand that resonates with their target audience. This can include developing a compelling logo, tagline, and brand messaging that reflects the company’s values and mission.

1) Define Your Brand Identity:

Identify your brand’s unique characteristics, values, and mission. This will help you differentiate yourself from competitors and create a distinct brand identity.

2) Develop a Compelling Visual Identity:

Design a memorable logo, choose a consistent color palette, and use typography that represents your brand’s personality.

3) Create a Compelling Brand Voice:

Develop a distinct tone of voice for your brand that aligns with your brand identity and resonates with your target audience.

Building a strong brand is critical for sustainable business growth. By defining your brand identity, developing a compelling visual and brand voice, and maintaining consistency, you can create a memorable image in the minds of customers and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Invest in Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is a powerful tool that allows businesses to reach customers wherever they are. By investing in targeted digital advertising campaigns, businesses can attract potential customers who are most likely to be interested in their products or services. This can include running social media ads, Google Ads, or email marketing campaigns.

Leverage PR Advertising:

Public relations (PR) advertising is another powerful tool that can help businesses gain visibility and credibility in their industry. This can include getting media coverage in industry publications or pitching stories to journalists. By leveraging PR advertising, businesses can establish themselves as thought leaders in their field and build trust with potential customers.

Offer Sampling Programs:

Sampling programs are a great way for businesses to get their products or services in front of potential customers. By offering free samples or trials, businesses can allow customers to experience their offerings first-hand, which can increase the likelihood of them making a purchase in the future.


In conclusion, businesses need to shift their focus from just “in the business” to “on the business” to achieve sustainable growth. By building a strong brand, investing in digital and PR advertising, and offering sampling programs, businesses can attract new customers and expand their reach. While it may require some upfront investment, the long-term benefits of focusing “on the business” far outweigh the short-term costs.

So, if you want your business to thrive and stand out in a highly competitive marketplace, it’s time to start focusing “on the business.” Take the time to identify opportunities for growth, create a compelling brand, and reach out to potential customers through targeted advertising and sampling programs. With the right strategy and mindset, your business can not only survive but also thrive in the long term.

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