Toyota Supra Price, Horsepower Details, and Specification.

Toyota Supra Kirloskar

India plans to bring the new Purple Supra car to the Indian coast. One of the top executives of Toyota India Company revealed. That the Toyota brand is considering the launch of the Supra GR in India as soon as possible. Making this Purple Supra immediately stand out from all others. We’ve seen is a stunning satin purple wrap car that looks amazing. But seriously, regardless of whether you like the colour or not. it’s hard to deny to love this purple supra car.

Toyota Supra Price in India

Purple supra car is available in 4 variants. The price for the basic variant is 42,990 USD. And should be going up to 54,795 USD for the top model. Below is a price table in USD for all new GR Supra models and expected prices in India. These prices are just speculation, the actual price may vary.

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It is now softer, richer in texture, and stronger than ever. my favourite colour is purple supra in this range. The price of a supra car is now going to be high due to the addition of many new technologies. Additional Toyota Supra Horsepower to the engine. The price of Toyota Supra is depending on the government of India according to their new law. However, there are many similar / taken parts in the BMW Z4. but the shape and flexibility of the whole body of Supra car make it unique and different to drive. If the car follows the same route. The Indian price of 70-98 lakhs, and it’s will be installed in the Ex-showroom.

2022 Overview

At first glance, the purple supra car mk4 looks gorgeous and stylish. The large headlights almost cover the entire bumper and the LED DRL (with turning indicators) looks great and the pass is very good. The lower parts of the front bumper have a large air intake to feed the hungry 6-cylinder engine. The Toyota Supra GR side has a coupe-style design and some fake ventilation is built. When someone asked Toyota team about these counterfeit drugs they said. ‘We’ve done it, so you can change your Supra after marketing and use these items you take for better performance’. That shows that Toyota promotes aftermarket mods and will not offer a wide range of specs with proper use of all vents, real or false.

Apart from this, it has a 19-inch set, Aluminum spokes alloy wheels and Michelin Pilot super sports rubber. Just behind the roof of the coupe, the rear is completely different/distinct from its competition, with Led chiselled taillamps, a double exhaust pipe, and reverse light.

Transmission and Toyota supra Specifications.

The Supra car is a performance-enhancing sports car and offers powerful engine options. Supra is offered with two engine options. The latest version of the Toyota Supra has four trim levels, two engines to choose from and a wide range of technology and luxury features. The new Toyota Supra is well suited to work as your next cruiser or sports car.

Toyota Supra Specifications and Toyota Supra Horspower.

Another 2.0-litre base, Twin-Scroll, Single Turbo Inline 4-Cylinder motor producing 255 bhp @ 5000-6500 rpm, and 400 Nm of high torque @ 1550-4400 rpm. Although, the second 3.0-litre engine, the Twin-Scroll, Single Tubo Inline 6-Cylinder kicks out 382 bhp @ 5800-6500 rpm Horsepower and torque at 498 Nm @ 1800-5000 rpm.

In terms of performance, the 3.0-litre engine is 1.9 seconds faster than the 2.0-litre engine at 0-60mph run (0-100 kmph run).

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