Tina Dabi’s sister Riya Dabi Story and Extra Attempt!

Riya Dabi and Extra Attempt in UPSC!

Tina is a 22-year-old Delhi woman who passed the 2015 public service examination in her first attempt. Riya is Tina Dabi’s sister and her mother’s name is Hemali dabi. UPSC beneficiaries filled Twitter with their need for more effort under the #UPSC Extra Attempt. While the 2015 IAS collection went ahead, Tina Dabi’s sister Riya Dabi was ranked 15th. Tina won first place in 2015.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) released the results of the Civil Services Exam 2020 on Friday evening. Shubham Kumar was the leading scorer this year, with Jagriti Awasthi second and Ankita Jain third. Interestingly, Vaishali Jain, the sister of Ankita Jain, who finished third, also placed 21st.

Riya Dabi says

Riya, five years younger than her, has won 15th place in the results announced this year. Posted by Tina Dabi (@dabi_tina) That she did not expect to get such a good position. And, in terms of preparations, he did not stop reading the newspaper continuously and taking updates.

As a tip for people doing the IAS test, Dabi says “review is more important than reading a lot because the UPSC syllabus is very detailed and it is important to cover all the topics.”

Know what she want to do as an officer

Riya would like to work focused on the safety, health of women in Rajasthan. Riya’s preferred course was International Relations, while she studied Political Honors at Lady Shri Ram College. Riya would like to work focusing on safety, women’s health in Rajasthan ”Riya Dabi thanks her success to her mother Hemali Dabi.

How many hours do you have to study

She says my mother instilled in me good habits from an early age, which has benefited me in every step. Tests are very difficult, Do not despair of the unelected, pay close attention to the review. You have to study for at least 10 hours a day.

She used to give himself time in lessons with this. Riya dabi Instagram Account: Clear Here

Riya has hobbies?

Her hobby of painting is Madhubani painting. She used to take time out from studies for this also.

UPSC Will Declare an Extra attempt for a new vacancy & Know about Tina Dabi and her sister Riya Dabi and her mother name is Hemali Dabi. riya dabi Instagram account.
UPSC Will Declare an Extra attempt for a new vacancy & Know about Tina Dabi and her sister Riya Dabi and her mother name is Hemali Dabi. riya dabi Instagram account.

A total of 761 were recommended to be nominated for the UPSC Exam 2020 Final Result. Shubham Kumar won first place in this prestigious national examination. Shubham had appeared in Anthropology as a subject of choice.

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He appeared at UPSC after graduating with a BTech degree in Civil Engineering from IIT Bombay. Among the women to be nominated, Jagriti Awasthi (Roll No. 0415262) ​​leads the way, while earning second place overall.

He had chosen social science as a subject of choice. Jagriti did his BTech degree in Electrical Engineering at MANIT Bhopal

Who got top 10 rank in UPSC?

1 Shubham Kumar
2 Jagriti Awasthi
3 Ankita Jain
4 Yash Juluka
5 Mamta Yadav
6 Meera K
7 Praveen Kumar
8 Biography Karthik Nagjibhai
9 Apala Mishra
10 Satyam Gandhi

Allow Extra Attempt in UPSC 2022?

UPSC beneficiaries filled Twitter with their need for more effort under the #UPSC Extra Attempt. UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2022 will take place on 5 June 2022. Find out what the UPSC Nominees really want from the Government and what the reasons are.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the organization that conducts the UPSC Civil Services Exam to recruit candidates for various administrative positions such as IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS, IRS, IRTS etc. Millions of students pass the most difficult test in the world to get the highest score for Government services in India.

After the Covid 19 epidemic, UPSC seekers were looking for More Efforts and Relaxation for years as the majority of students faced various health problems, work stress and family problems in 2019-20. This demand for candidates has been trending on Twitter and other social media platforms under #UPSCExtraAttempt.

Let’s See what Decision will take by UPSC Board and Government.

Tina Dabi and Her Sister Riya Dabi Story

Tina Dabi and her sister Riyi Dabi are making headlines in the media, and for good reason. Both of them are IAS officers, and their sister Riya Dabi is also a prominent figure in the country’s political life. During their preparation for the IAS exam, the sisters sang the famous Indian song “Hum Rahe or Na Rahein” with a group of friends.

Riya Dabi, the younger sister of IAS Tina Dabi, has been making waves online. In 2016, she became the most followed civil servant in the country on Instagram. However, the upcoming UPSC exam 2020 will pose a stiff competition for her. Her younger sister, Riya Dabi, has been amassing close to 300,000 Instagram followers and has left fans spellbound by her beauty.

Her elder sister, IAS Tina Dabi, is a highly successful IAS officer. Her younger sister Ria Dabi has been doing remarkably well in the UPSC Civil Services Examination and has secured a 15th rank in UPSC Result 2020. In addition to being inspired by her sister, she attributes her success to her family. The sisters are now credited with a lot of success in the civil service exam, and Twitter and Instagram are flooded with congratulatory messages.

The two sisters attended Convent of Jesus and Mary in New Delhi, where they both excelled in political science. They have since joined Lady Shri Ram College for Women, where they are studying for their Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. Their ultimate goal is to become IAS officers and empower women in Haryana, where they live. Despite their ethnicity, both sisters are Hindus. Their sister Riya Dabi Story is a wonderful example of the power of family, determination, and determination.

Although their sister Riya Dabi is currently studying for the Combined Graduate Examination (CGPA), Tina Dabi graduated from Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi. She also cracked the UPSC examination in her first attempt, and congratulated her sister on the accomplishment. She said that her mother had encouraged her to study as well. After a few years, she was a successful IAS officer, and her sister, Riya Dabi, had a similar journey.

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