Top 10 International Payment Gateways for Indian Merchants in 2024

As e-commerce continues to grow, the world becomes increasingly interconnected, allowing businesses in India to establish themselves as global brands. This dream of global presence is made possible through e-commerce, but it wouldn’t be achievable without a secure international payment gateway solution. In this article, we’ll delve into the Top 10 International Payment Gateways for Indian Merchants.

You might already be using a payment gateway on your website and wonder what distinguishes an international payment gateway.

What is an international payment gateway?

As your business expands globally, you’ll deal with multiple currencies. Offering prices in customers’ local currencies increases the likelihood of purchases. An international payment gateway enables customers worldwide to make payments in their own currency. These gateways provide maximum security to prevent fraud during transactions. They streamline and expedite international payments and transactions.

Why do Indian Merchants Need the Best Payment Gateway in India for International Transactions?

Indian businesses utilize international payment gateways for several crucial reasons, including:

Global Reach: These gateways enable Indian businesses to serve a vast international clientele, facilitating sales to customers worldwide by accepting foreign credit cards and currencies. Cross-Border Sales: By facilitating cross-border transactions, international payment gateways grant Indian businesses access to a broader audience beyond their borders, opening up new revenue streams and growth opportunities.

E-Commerce and Online Sales: Crucial for Indian merchants to provide a smooth and secure payment experience to overseas consumers, especially with the proliferation of e-commerce and online businesses.

Hospitality and Tourism Sector: Essential for companies in hospitality and tourism, such as hotels, travel agencies, and tour operators, to receive payments from clients and tourists from other countries.

Export-Oriented Enterprises: Indian merchants engaged in export-oriented businesses rely on international payment gateways to accept payments from their global clients, ensuring a seamless payment process for international trade.

Freelancing and Digital Services: Freelancers and companies offering digital services like software development, graphic design, or content writing often collaborate with clients from other countries, facilitated by international payment gateways.

Education Sector: Educational institutions and e-learning platforms in India attract students from abroad by offering simple payment options through foreign gateways.

Tourism and Travel Agencies: These firms in India can cater to visitors worldwide and accept payments in various currencies.

Investment and E-Commerce Platforms: By offering foreign payment gateways, Indian e-commerce sites and investment platforms attract overseas customers and investors.

Enhanced User Experience: International payment gateways provide a smoother and more streamlined checkout process for foreign customers, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Top 10 International Payment Gateways for Indian Merchants:

1. PayPal: Trusted for International Transactions:

PayPal is widely known and trusted for online payments, accepting payments through debit and credit cards. With over 200 supported countries and more than 3,41,497 websites using PayPal globally, it offers payments in over 100 currencies.

Key Features of PayPal:

No setup fee.
Free international payment gateway in India.
Buyer protection.
Refunds and returns services.
Transaction fee: 4.4% + USD 0.30 + a fixed fee based on currency (for transactions up to USD 3,000).
Mobile app and web browser payments.
No annual maintenance charges.
No withdrawal fees.
24-hour settlement time frame.

2. Stripe: Ideal for Tech Support Businesses

Stripe offers comprehensive payment solutions, including debit and credit card processing, bitcoin transactions, Alipay, and ACH transfers. With support in over 139 countries, it’s perfect for businesses offering subscription services.

Key Features of Stripe:

No setup fee for the standard plan.
Support for major card networks and digital wallets.
Transaction fee: 4.3% on international cards.
No monthly costs or hidden charges.
Financial reports and consolidated insights.

3. Flexible Payment Solution, a subsidiary of Visa, caters to small online businesses, offering simplified shopping cart checkout and recurring billing systems. It supports growth in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Key Features of

Setup and monthly fees.
Gateway-only and gateway + merchant account plans.
ECheck processing service.
Free website payment seal and fraud protection tools.
Online training materials.

4. Versatile Payment Gateway offers quick setup for various payment options across Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Latin America. It accepts major debit and credit cards and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Key Features of

Free international payment gateway setup.
Enterprise and standard plans.
Accepts payments through digital wallets and net banking.
Recurring billing systems.
E-commerce plugins and net banking support.

5. 2Checkout: Trusted Payment Solution

2Checkout provides international payment services in over 90 currencies, serving over 50,000 merchants globally. With PCI Level 1 compliance, it supports 8 payment types and operates in 200 international markets.

Key Features of 2Checkout:

Support for 100 types of shopping carts.
No setup fees and easy integration.
No monthly fees.
Custom discounts for large data volumes.
Advanced fraud protection.
Mobile optimization.

6. CC Avenue: Secure Payment Gateway

CC Avenue, founded in 2001, offers a PCI DSS 3.2.1 compliant payment solution for online businesses in India. With 200+ payment options, including credit cards, net banking, and debit cards, it serves over 1 lakh merchants.

Key Features of CC Avenue:

No initial setup fee.
Annual maintenance fee: INR 1200.
Transaction fee: Flat 2% on domestic transactions.
Supports Amex EzeClick and UPI payments.
Secure and reliable payment processing.

7. Allied Wallet: Trusted Merchant Service

Allied Wallet is a secure payment gateway for high-risk international transactions, available in 196 countries. With features like NextGen Dashboard and chargeback prevention, it provides efficient payment processing.

Key Features of Allied Wallet:

One-click payment options.
Chargeback prevention system.
Recurring billing support.
Global payment gateway and prepaid card facility.
No sign-up or setup fee.

8. ANZ: Reliable Payment Solution

ANZ offers online payment solutions for Indian merchants, with plans tailored for startups, businesses, and non-profits. It provides web and mobile app payment solutions and supports foreign exchange management.

Key Features of ANZ:

Startup plan with waived monthly fees for the first 12 months.
Business select plan with a monthly fee of $32+GST.
Customized deals for non-profits.
Insurance and foreign exchange risk prevention.
Import, export, and management of foreign exchange.

9. Payubiz: User-Friendly Payment Gateway

Payubiz offers a hassle-free setup for Indian merchants expanding globally, serving over 16 countries. With settlement services in 125+ currencies, it provides the best conversion rates and intuitive integration.

Key Features of Payubiz:

No local setup required.
Best conversion rates.
Partnerships with global banks for forex risk reduction.
One-tap payment options.
Insightful analytics for growing businesses.

10. SecurionPay: Streamlined Payment Solution

SecurionPay offers a simple, fast, and secure payment gateway with customizable checkout popups and one-click payments. It supports major credit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets.

Key Features of SecurionPay:

Customizable checkout popups.
One-click payments for faster checkouts.
Personalization for enhanced user experience.
Secure transactions and recurring payments support.
Accepted payment methods include major cards and bank transfers.

Each of these international payment gateways offers

Unique features and benefits, catering to the diverse needs of Indian merchants expanding globally. When choosing the right payment gateway, consider factors such as global card support, currency options, security features, user experience, transaction costs, customer service, integration, analytics, compliance, and scalability. Make an informed decision to ensure seamless international transactions and business growth.

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